For Authors

Conference Topics 

  • Computational Electromganetics.

  • Inverse Problems.

  • Characterization and Modeling of Electromagnetics Materials.

  • Magnetic Sensors and Measurement.

  • Nondestructive Testing.

  • Application of Electromagnetic Phenomena.

  • Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Devices and Systems.

  • Electromagnetic Actuator and Applications of Permanent Magnet.

  • Application in Power, Electronics and Control Systems.

  • Power Electronics and Drive Systems.

  • Electromagnetic Environment and Control.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

  • Application of Electromagnetic to Medical Treatments.

  • Microwaves and Antennas, Terahertz Applications.

  • Applications in Telecommunication.

  • Electromagnetics and Electromechanical Education.

  • Magnetic Fluid.

  • Renewable Energy.

  • Motion and mechanics.

  • Other related topics.

Important Dates


  • Submission of Digest Deadline : 1 st April 2020

  • Notification of Digest Acceptance : 1 st June 2020

  • Early Bird Registration deadline : 15th June 2020

  • Full Paper Submission : 1 st July 2020

  • Conference date :  14th—16th July 2020


Presentation Delivery


  • There are two types of presentation delivery for this conference. The conference committee will decide the presentation delivery for each digest once  it been accepted.

  • The oral presentation the presenter required to present his or her research work within 15 minutes and another 5 minutes for question and answer. For oral presentation the author required to prepare presentation slide using Microsoft Power Point.

  • For poster presentation, the presenter required to present his or her research work within 30 to 40 minutes using A1 poster size. The poster presentation session will be held at the conference lobby during coffee/tea break.

  • The committee do not accept no show presentation policy. Every accepted digest need to be presented during the conference day. The full paper manuscript with no show presentation will be excluded from the conference proceedings.